Friday, December 7, 2007

Lunch Treat

on such a sunny day, got dressed up a bit, took care of chores and work the next thing to be taken care of was the monster that was craving for Greek food. why, I am always hanging around the 'Greektown' of Vancouver after all.
Best thing i love to do is tasting number of mezes with wine or in this case, my fav. and ONLY beer i like, the Mythos . today, out of nowhere, i asked the server (fr. Ouzeri)what they had on menu for dessert, I think they have different desserts every time, and they had ekmek....ahh, it was one of the best ekmek i had.

A craving satisfied indeed


desdemona said...

wow, very involved recipe! i have never tried ekmek OR mythos! i should one day. what's your fave greek restaurant in van?

kephallinian said...

Fav. Greek restaurant in van. is definitely Bouzyos on commercial. among family friends, Bouzyos is referred to as "our family kitchen". however, they don't ahve ekmek for dessert and i don't think they have mythos.

I'm not picky about most food, except greek food.
Ouzeri in Kitsilano is pretty good. i like that place too.
maybe one day we'll bring Des to Bouzyos. they have great belly dancer on Friday nights!

desdemona said...

cool! i've never been there and des would like belly dancers!