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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Never thought I'd say this but..

I'd never thought I'd say this: " I wish I was a teacher in America"!...I was watching the Detroit Public TV and it was showing a special concert "A Tribute to the Teachers of America". granted, they had celebrities on there, but that's not important, what's special is the fact that there's a TRIBUTE to TEACHERS!!
, why haven't the Canadian gov. show with its actions that teachers are indeed respected and valued for what they (we) do?..sadly, something i"m ashamed of been a Canadian. I'v known teachers (ECERS included) lost faith in receiving any kinds of support from the gov. that they can no longer stay in the profession and work they love to do. Buggers, there should be a column on "things that made me ashamed of been a Canadian!'


desdemona said...

boo! that is nice of them and i've had lots of good teachers. i've also had bad teachers, though. and teachers who don't care about what they do or maybe have been doing it too long.

so kudos to you for having passion for your profession and your kids and doing something you believe in. because i know you have that passion and truly care.

kephallinian said...

why, thank you for feeling the 'passion'. one can only hope that more people would act on what they believe in..of course of the good not Evil.