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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Good Cop/White Face vs Bad Cop/Black Face

Eventhough I did contemplate on becoming a cop at one point, never thought I'd be playing the role of 'bad cop' or 'black face' quite as often in certain settings. Why do I do it? do i enjoying been the 'black face' or do i enjoy the control that accompanies it? or that I'd rather be the bad then having to have to do damage control later? maybe it's all of the above. the real mystery to me however, is how does others manage to end up been the "white face' in all sorts of situations? are they ignoring the obvious in order to avoid responsibilities?
perhaps i should try my hand on been the 'good cop' and try ignoring the obvious sometimes, yet will that relief me of the burden of resulting negative consequence.
righto, so IGNORE if i had ramble something that doesn't make sense again..bah, think what you will, but the rambling makes me feel better.


stav67 said...

Hi Sab! Welcome to blogger world. I tried my hands at at blog last year but gave up after the first attempt-- guess I'm to old now.
Anyhoo, I need some bad cops down here pronto (as you know, I am the eternal good cop), so why don't you make up your mind and come over for a visit, eh? (Beaches included).
Filiakia, Theia

kephallinian said...

Theia mou,
eh, what a surprise reading a comment from you here. you old? never! and when you are the theia, you are allowed to be the good cop. maybe i'll feel better if someone makes me a theia and I'll get to play good cop sometimes too. you know my heart is right over there for the visit but everytime things come up. work schedule isn't easy for summer and of course I'd wanna be there during surmmer.
how are the kiddies and rest of family;
xoxo zouzou

desdemona said...

i'm sure you are often the good cop, you just don't realise it... writing is supposed to be cathartic, so don't worry about us readers maybe not getting all you're saying! i like to read what you feel regardless.